Blog- fail.

If someone has the "worst blogger ever" award that they want to pass on, I nominate myself.

I feel like I can't get time to sit down and right a real blog, and on top of that.. I don't really have anything to SAY. 

Things with the Mr. are just as lovely as ever!  Tonight is going to be a special night!  He is meeting with Tammy.  Yes, you remember correctly.  Brian is meeting Anthony's mom. 

Weird enough for ya? 

Tammy is such a special person in my life and Brian obviously is, so they get to meet tonight.  Brian is nervous, and I think she is too.  But I see it going well! :)

My Christmas shopping is almost done, so yay for that!!!

I have all my Christmas trees up and going and pretty soon I'm going to make a post and show ya'll that! :)

Until then my friends, have a lovely day... and this week I'm going to be back with some real posts! :)

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