Well, last night was the big meeting night for Tammy and Brian. 

And it went well! :)

We met up at Olive Garden (duh!) and had a nice meal full of laughs and stories.  I could notice Tammy watching Brian to get a feel for him and I could see Brian checking out Tammy and I as we talked over some things.  I'm just so glad that two people who are so important in my life have met and are able to be friends BECAUSE of their love for me. 

I know that asking my current boyfriend to accept my ex-boyfriend's mom is a huge deal, as it is equally as mind- boggling to ask Tammy to accept that I really will not be ending up her daughter-in-law one day.

But sometimes things that happen are for the best- even if it means walking through hell to get through them.  And I think I've walked my share..

Brian is such a loving man who accepts me for who I am, the flaws and past mistakes included.  He is my best friend and the person I think of most in this world.  I've always wanted to marry my best friend and now I've found him and I know my life is just going to get better.

This week is going to be a good one for us.  We normally see each other 2-3 times a week, but this week we have plans every single night.  I'm glad that we will get to see each more.  I think times like this is when we truly learn about each other. 

Can you tell the love is oozing out of me?  Well, you should.

I hope you all have a fabulous day!  I'm headed to Pinterest.. I have a wedding board to work on! ;)

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