Monday.. We meet again.

What a fantastic weekend I have had!!! This has been one of the best that I can remember in awhile.

It's amazing what being in love does to a girl... I swear I am much more pleasant to be around. So for those of you who know me IRL, and have lived through the last year's worth of hell- then go give B a big thank you hug. He has changed my life.

Speaking of B. I have made a decision on something.  Some of you know I have a small ladybug tattoo on my right hip.  All my life I wanted one and when the opportunity came with some friends in college one night, I did it and got it.  And I have never spent one second regretting it.  My nickname has always been "bugg" for whatever reason that is.  And so it just fit that growing up I had an assortment of ladybug things.  So that was always what I saw getting.  And I did.

But it's true what they say... you get one, you want another.  And that's the spot I've been in the last few years since I got mine.  But it's hard to pick a second thing.  I never saw myself getting the second one.  But of course I wanted it to be something near and dear to my heart as well!

And I have made up my mind. 

I think wrist tattoos are so cute on girls, when done tastefully.  So... I shall have a wrist tattoo.  I want it on the left and it will be mine and B's wedding date.   Yes, I am planning a tattoo of a date that isn't even scheduled yet.  That shows you just how confident I am that I am marrying this man.  I told him that can be my wedding present from him.  ha! 

I want it something like this...
             Pinned Image

Except instead of the "I love him", I want the date.   So, opinions? 

Now, onto what I did for the weekend that was so good...

Well, Friday night Brian was working a wedding rehearsal at the church (doing sound for it)  so I was without plans. My mom kept Jenna overnight, so I went to her house and played with Jenna bugg for awhile and then I came home and was in bed kind of early after watching Say Yes to the Dress for a little while.. ha!

Saturday morning I was up bright and early and rode with mom to take Jenna home before we set out to Tupelo for some Christmas shopping.  There was one gift for B that I really wanted to find, but was kind of stressed I wouldn't so close to Christmas time, BUT I DID!  Woot woot! :)

I ended up finishing (except the few gift cards I'm running on lunch today to purchase) so I'm pretty excited about Christmas this coming weekend and everyone getting to see what we all have and more importantly spending time together

Sunday was spent with church of course (which was a FABULOUS service) and then Mom and I decided to browse around town just shopping again.  Neither of us were looking for anything in particular but I ended up getting three picture frames.  Two are for mine and B's picture (one for me, one for him) and then the third is a new idea I have for displaying Kaleb/Kamo/Jenna's picture.  I will refer to the new space as my "Proud aunt's bragging spot" ha!  I will get some pictures of this once B is at the house and helps me make it happen. 

After all that browsing, I went home and made some dog treats.  Now if you've read this blog much at all then you know that Reagan and Roxie are my children.  They may have four legs and look a little different than me but they are my kiddos

This is batch #1 of the treats!!!  I tested it out on all the sweet doggies I am making some for and they all seemed to approve.  So sometime this week I am making up a couple more batches.  It was SO easy, so if you have pets.. you should do this for them!

Then, after all that.. last night B just made my night!  You see since he was working that wedding this weekend and had rehearsal Friday night and then Saturday the wedding (and I was gone shopping anyway) we didn't get to see each other.  So he surprised me last night and called to see if I wanted to meet at McAlister's and eat a little bite and just hang out for a few since.  Um, YES B I WILL GO.  Duh, boy! :) 

It was so thoughtful and sweet on his part.  He said he just really wanted to see me for a few minutes because we hadn't in a few days and he knows this week will be crazy for the both of us.  I was impressed with him.  And I love little spontaneous dates.  :) 

I am crazy about him..  And if you are my friend on facebook.. then you can see why.  He left me the sweetest message on there yesterday.  So in case you aren't my friend on there (Um, you should be.. so look me up NOW) then this is what he posted..
Yes, that's my sweet man.  He is a keeper.. even if he misspelled "awesome"... texting while driving I assure you.. ha!

Well, ladies and gents, it is time for me to get back to work... shh! :)  I hope you all have a fabulous day..

6 Days to Christmas!!! :)

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  1. Just found your blog and a new follower :) I've never even THOUGHT of making homemade doggie treats! This is awesome.

    Stop by my blog sometime and I hope you have a happy holidays!



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