It's me..

The girl who fell off the face of the planet again..

I have a major hold up in the House Tour.. I am trying to get to where I can take some new pictures with the new camera B got me for Christmas and show you here instead of using my iPhone. BUT, right now I'm computer less and I can't get them uploaded here at work. So I'm at a major standstill.

I sorries..

But in the meantime I need to do something that holds me accountable on here. My blogging skills suck majorly.

So I saw this on a few blogs and think it will be at least something I'm posting.. So here goes nothing. Oh, and I'm a few dates late.. so I gotta play catch-up until I'm there with the rest of you peoples! :)

Day one- My View Today.
Yes, that's my drive thru window view..

Are you jealous yet?

Day Two- Words.

My lovely magnet that Cassie got me! =)  I have it hanging at work and read it  Because it is SO true.
Day Three- Hands.

Obviously I had to do "hand" instead of hands.. I can't take my own hands picture.. But :) Here is my hand... and that ring is one I wear every single day.  My mom gave it to me about 6 years ago. 

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


  1. SO I know it's your right hand but I saw hand + ring and instantly had a minor freak out!!!!!! hahhaha :-) Hopefully that post will be coming some day soon!!!!!!!

  2. YAY! You're doing a photo challenge too!

    That ring is gorgeous, K. I'm also desperately seeking sunshine. Sigh.


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