I haven't done one of these in forever!!  But I'm excited to be back in motion today!

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Today, I'm loving..
My morning poptart.     Nom, Nom, Nom- right? :)

I'm loving...
That Valentine's Day is a week from today and I actually have someone to spend the day with this year.  (First time in years...)

**Sidenote: I am going to do a post on mine and B's lovestory later today.. =) **

I'm loving...
that Cassie and I have many adventures planned for the near future! :)

I'm loving...
Cassie.  Period.   && all our talks we've had lately about things in life! It is so good to have someone in your life you can count on anytime!

I'm loving... that B and I can have an honest conversation, even on heavy topics, and still come out of it loving each other more. 

I'm loving... that today is Hump Day... half way there baby!

I'm loving... that in a little over a week I get to see some of my best friends all at one time!!! yippeee!

So, what are YOU loving today?  Link up and let's see!!!

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