My Love Day.

So, I know some of you (or all of you) might be tired of hearing me brag on B by now, BUT I'm going to again.. so just close on out if you don't wanna read. :)

Valentine's has always been not so far up on my list of favorite days.  I've always been single and hated the day.  As if it isn't bad enough every other day of the year to know you are "left behind" isn't enough, then you have to face the day that is pops up in your face all day long.

I've been there.  Done that.  TOO MANY TIMES.

But this year was completely different.  I got to spend the day/night with the love of my life. 

I got off work early and met him at my house.  We had plans to go to eat and try and beat the crowds there.  Imagine my surprise when I got home and my sweet man had done took care of the dogs for me so I'd have one less thing to do before we left home.

Gosh, I love him so much.

We got to Olive Garden and had a fabulous meal.  It didn't take long to wait and our server was great!  We also had some free entertainment sitting beside us, ha!

After we left there we headed over to the mall where my sweetie bought me the first book of the Hunger Games (because I wouldn't let him buy me all three) and then he got me a new wallet.  All this on top of my card, chocolates, and The Vow book that was already at my house.

And on top of that stunt he pulled yesterday.   What an amazing man and what an amazing first Valentine's together. 

He melts my heart, but luckily he is always there to scoop me back up on my feet!

I love you Brian! :)


  1. Could y'all be any cuter?! I wish we lived closer...I could totally see us double dating!!! ;-) I am just so so so happy for you!!!


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