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I'm loving...

Teen Mom 2 Finale.  Yes, I'm 27 years old and watch this show.  I like it.  And so does B.  It's our Tuesday night show and now I don't know what we are going to do without it on. 
But let me make some comments on each of these ladies before I move on:
Kaitlyn- You screwed up, honey.  Not that I liked Jordan much anyway, but REALLY!!? Sleep with Joe again, ?!  Honey...
Janelle- You have been the crazy nut case the whole time and yet you are the only smart one now.  Glad to see you go to rehab, although I doubt it lasts.  You're a heifer... naturally.
Leah- Gosh, where to even begin?  You are my fave storyline, but you are a train wreck.  You have a good man in your life (who yes, sometimes is a jerk to you, but he's a man..) and yet you go and have sex with Robbie.  And then want to cry that Corey is doing you wrong.  Talk to Janelle, you are now a heifer too.
Chelsea-  Oh, girl.  If only I could have a heart-to-heart with you.  You are a disater waiting to happen.  You need to leave Adam alone and run as fast as you can.  I've seen his kind.  I've dated his kind.  His kind don't change and if you don't run, he will change you. 

K, moving on! ;)

I'm loving...
that I get to spend this weekend with some of my lovely ladies! 

I'm loving..
That one of my best friends became a Mrs. yesterday!!!!!!!! Mert, I'm SOOOO happy for you and Bill!!!!!!!!!!  And I can't wait to see you this weekend!!!

I'm loving...

This man, always and forever.

Happy Wednesday!!!!!!!

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