It's Thursday... and I'm thinking...

I know, I know...

But seriously, I'm thinking about how much has changed in the last year in my life.  A year ago I was about to go to Gulf Shores with Tammy, Bridgett, & Landin.  My love life was less than desirable.  I was continuously losing self-esteem, and I just plain out wasn't happy with my life for the most part.

And now here I am today with the opposite of that.  Complete opposite.  Ironically, I'm meeting up with Tammy on Monday to catch up and have some good food somewhere.  (This is the longest we've went without seeing each other since we became bff). And as far as my love life, well, I don't really have to tell you how happy I am.  I think you all know.

In fact, let's just say I got the most awesome text yesterday from B's sister.  She told me I needed to go look at his wall.  So I did, and she had written the sweetest message on there about how she is glad he brought me into their family.  So I text her and told her thanks and asked her where all this had came from.  She said she was just so happy to see that I make him happy and he makes me happy.  It meant a lot to know that someone outside of us can really see it. 

That it is not fake in the least.  Like I've said, he is my once in a lifetime love.

B isn't the only good thing that's happened in the last year.  I've had the opportunity to get to know my best friends even better.  Sometimes when you go through challenges in your life you get to face things from different angles and hear people's stories and opinions. 

I learned a lot from my friends in this last year.  And learned who my friends are.  And I've also made some new friends who I already hold dear to my heart.

And let's not forget the weddings, the babies, & the upcoming events! 

Life is just so good and God is SO great to be bringing me into a world I knew existed but was just stuck in a rut and couldn't find my way to.

So, today I'm thinking... thinking about life and just how sweet it really is.  

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