Compulsive Complainer...

I'm sure a few certain restuarants and a local cable company would agree....

Yes, in fact I just might be one.

But for anyone who knows me, knows that I get it honest. 

Let me back up.. my whole life, and I do literally mean my whole life, I've watched my dad do the exact same things as I am doing now.  The minute we set down in a restaurant he looks at his watch (I look at my phone..), we scan the room to see who is there before us, so we can be sure and watch who is getting their food and we know that our shouldn't be that far along after. 

I've watched him my whole life and grew into the same person he is.  And it actually used to embarrass me.  I can remember being a little girl and asking mom if we could go on to the car before daddy complained.  And now I'm just in awe that I was ever that way because while my dad has actually mellowed out about things, yours truly has gotten worse. 

And it isn't that I LIKE to complain.  It's that when I am sitting at work facing the public all day long and I have to be happy and make sure things are done correctly, then I expect the same when I go to somewhere myself.  What I DO NOT agree with is goofing off, being on your cell phone, dragging around half-hearted, and not even pretending to be happy.  None of us WANT to go to work every single day.  But it's a part of life.   And in this economy you better shape up or you are going to lose it and then you really will have a reason for those frowns on your faces. 

I'm saying all this to say that B and I went to Longhorn for my birthday dinner.  It was honestly far less than a good time.  We waited well over the time we were told, then got inside and had terrible terrible service and ended up there over two hours.  Nothing we ordered was correct, and we had to repeat the order for the FREE desert we were given because of the bad experience.  Just all around bad.  

Well, B knows me and knows my stand on this kind of thing.  In fact, he witnessed himself that I got an Olive Garden gift card just shortly after we started dating for bad service.  So I think he was more than happy to let me handle the LongHorn thing.  Well, let's just put it this way.  Our bill was $46, and my gift card arrived yesterday.  

For $60.00.  So apparently I know what I'm doing! =)

Again, I don't do this just to be doing it.  I just think people need to learn to do their jobs.  If I am going to drive 45 minutes to eat (because I live in a small town with nothing) then I expect service for the price you pay at these places.  Well, the price B paid.  

And the only way these restaurants know about the problems are if people tell them.  So, next time you get a bad service or experience somewhere- don't be shy.  Speak up

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