Here I am..

Whew, I know I said I'd be back, and while I'm late.. here I am!

I am in a funk.  I have nothing to talk about people. 

At least it's getting prettier outside and that means I'll be able to start getting into something that's NOT at home!  Hallelujah!

But, in good news... I got a new bed for my birthday!!! My sweet mom and daddy surprised me with it Monday night.  My birthday is tomorrow, so it came early, but a good surprise!

I don't have big plans tomorrow.. going to go by the man's work early.  He asked me to, so I'll have to let you know why once that's over and done with.  My gifts :)   And there will be dinner with mom and dad tomorrow night I'm sure.  Then this coming Saturday B and I are going on my official birthday dinner/date!

I'll be posting all this...

Until then friends, have a good week!!!!!!!!!!!

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