*** This is my public apology for my MIA stunt I've been pulling.  I've had major writers's block, and just haven't even been on blog reading as much as normal... So sorry! ***

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I'm loving... that today is Wednesday.  Can I get an Amen?? 

I'm loving... my new curling iron my sweetie bought me!  He is so precious.. =)  It has argan oil infused in the barrel, and it makes me hair feel awesome... Super love it!

I'm loving... this beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful weather we are having here in Mississippi.... && I really love that I have had flip flops/open toed shoes on lately I HATE closed toe shoes..

I'm loving... that today is my friend Lacey's birthday!!  Happy birthday girlie!!!

I'm loving.. that I have weeded out some negative people from my life and only have the good remaining ones still in it.  Life is SO much sweeter when you are surrounded my wonderful people instead of constant pity parties.  Hence, the reason I did a MAJOR clean up on Facebook.. I'm tired of all the dang drama. 

I'm loving.. ARMY WIVES.  I mean what esle can I say?  Who the crap doesn't love it???  

I'm loving... Sons of Guns.  This might be a surprise one for some of ya'll, but the man started watching this show at my house and now he even has me hooked.  Love does strange things to people... hahahahhaha (Love you B! =) )

I'm loving..  This picture of me and my babygirl, Jenna, playing.  She is my world! :)  And she makes me really look forward to having a child one day! =)
&& as always... I'm loving.. MY MAN!
                          So, what are YOU loving??


  1. So sweet! Happy Wednesday! ;)

  2. Yay for clearing negative and crappy people out of your life! I feel bad at first, but strangely, I never really regret it. :)

    Dropping by from WILW.


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