Friday chit chat!

I'm pooped.  & I wish I had a reason to be.. but I don't.   I don't know what's wrong with me, but it's like this overbearing tiredness has swept through my body the last two days.  Except yesterday I was feeling like my stomach was flip flopping.. SO glad that's gone

But really, the reason I'm feeling so drained is a mystery to me.  I've recently stopped drinking soft drinks and I got in a bind Tuesday when I worked the election.  My bottle of water was long gone and the only option I had was the drink machine in the building.  So I had two Nugrapes, and then a Dr. Pepper.   Shame, shame, I know.   

And I know that was Tuesday and all, but dang I really think it has done something to my body. And you can bet your sweet butts I won't be doing that again.  Blah.!

But, I'm not all depressing today.. there is a good thing to show off..

This will melt my heart for years to come.  This little lady is full on talking now, even making short sentences.  I never knew my heart could open up and love the way I do.  I can only imagine what will happen if I have a child of my own one day.  


I sure am looking forward to the weekend though!  It's FINALLY good weather and mom and I have several yard sales to hit up!  { I'm hoping I will have a jewel to brag about come Monday morning!!! }  And then mom and I are taking off to Tupelo.  I've got several things I need to get at Victoria Secret and she was happy to go along for the ride, so I'm excited for a little time with Mom.  I feel like we haven't gotten to really get out and do much lately so this will be great!

Oh, and I may or may not going to be stopping for a GiGi's cupcake... hehehehhehehee..( I will def have a picture of this baby!)

Well, ladies (and gents if you are reading..) hope you all have a great weekend!!! & don't do anything I wouldn't do!!!

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