Yes, I am one.

Yes, I am proud to be one.

I know some people (like my sweet boyfriend) cannot get into books.. but I love a good book.  And lately I've read some really good ones!!  So I thought I'd put this out there for anyone who was considering reading any of these...

Let me start with The Vow.  This is the book that inspired the movie that just came out.  While the movie shows more of what the audience is going to want to watch, the book goes into details about how it really happened.  Don't get me wrong, I loved the movie.  But it is just a closure to me to read the pages of the real events.  While a lot of changes were made to adapt it into a movie, the base of the storyline remains.  This book isn't one that is always cheerful, or lovey.  But it's a good eye opener to make you think that if you were to be put in that spot, then how would you react and how would you cope with dealing with a spouse that doesn't even remember you?  Something to definitely make you think.. 

Then let's move onto The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, & Mockingjay.  I have to admit, I was not going to read these books.  I had read about it probably 10+ times and never felt like it was something I'd even want to read.  But I kept hearing things about these books and I finally got my confirmation when my friend Hillary told me to read them.  I've always trusted everything she has told me to read, and most the time agreed with her on whether or not I liked/disliked it.  So I took a chance and started the first book.  And I'll be plain honest.. the first two chapters I was lost as a goose and still unsure about reading this stuff.  I felt like it just threw you into somewhere and you had no background to make sense of it with.  However, I knew there was something there making people love these books, so I continued reading.  And found out.  I won't give away too much here in case someone who hasn't read them wants to do... but just trust that it isn't my typical kind of read and I found it fascinating.  The first book was probably my favorite of the three.  Once I got past not knowing what was happening, I was hooked.  The second was a good read as well and let you learn more about the characters and their backgrounds, and the third was starting so good.  Things were finally coming together and then it's like she just trailed off and finished it.   So, while yes I enjoyed the collection of the three, the last book felt rushed to me.  I felt like once we got where we wanted to get the whole time, the story just ended abruptly.  I'd still recommend this series to someone, for sure, though.   
& and I'm very excited to go see the movie when it comes out!!  If it's anything like the book, it will be awesome to watch on the big screen!

And my latest read, Water for Elephants.  I've not watched the movie on this one yet, because I knew I wanted to read this book first.  This is a good light read in my opinion.  It only took me two days to knock it out and it was a good story.  I hear the movie is good, so I'm planning on renting that this weekend and seeing how true to the book it is.  So, in my opinion, if you want a good book then pick this one up.  There is a lot of language and graphic material in it, but I think without that it wouldn't have been as real in my mind to watch it play out.  

Well, folks, that's my litttle bookvent and now I'm going to go start my next book... Growing up Amish.   Hope it's a good one!!!

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