It's A Dog's Life...

So, I've seen so many of you fabulous ladies posting pictures on instagram and blog of your little furbabies and I realized that my two youngsters haven't made face time on here lately.

So, this is for all the little pooches out there... & their reading-to-them mama's :)

If you are new around here, then let me introduce you to my babies in "order" of birth.

Hi, I'm big nose, Rudi Jo. 

[thought that would wake you up..]

Okay, confession, Rudi isn't exactly "my" dog.  He belongs to my mom & dad, but let's face it.  I'm his taxi to the vet and his only ticket to getting a bath so I like to claim him.  Besides, that big nose is too much.  Be still heart.

Rudi Jo came into our lives five years ago.  We were not "dog shopping" as we were perfectly contect with our other weenie dog, Remi Jackson.
Remi Jackson was my life.  That dog and I worshipped the ground each other walked upon.   He was best buddy in this world.   And sadly, his life ended way too soon.  Without telling the whole story, because frankly I can't get into it without crying, Remi was ran over and killed.  It was a horrible day at my house and I saw my parents' cry over that dog just as much as I did.  We all literally mourned him. 

Three days later, my parents' decided there needed to be a dog around the house.  So they went and got Rudi Jo.  I have to honest.  I was not in favor of getting another dog so quickly.  For Heaven's sake, I had just lost my best friend in this world.  And to try and "replace" him just seemed wrong.  So, so wrong.  

They didn't listen to me (thankfully, for once!) and brought home this sweet little puppy who just cuddled and gave you those big "puppy dog eyes" when you spoke to him. 

Oh, the new puppy smell.. he had it.  I soaked him in.  I smiled again.  I introduced him to his "big brother."  

We were in love, again.  And ya know what else happened?

Yes, I bought one too.  Welcome home, Reagan Jensen.  Two weeks later to be exact.  There is just something about that new puppy smell that makes you want one.  I think of it as "pre-baby fever," ha! :)  

[Remi Jackson, Rudi Jo, Reagan Jensen... see any patterns? :) ]

I wish had some baby pictures of Reagan, because he was a total stud even then, but since I'm stealing all these from FaceBook, I have to tell you I'm fresh out today.  All those "old" pictures are saved off elsewhere. 

Reagan and I had a wonderful two years together.  We moved three times together in that span and I got even closer to him than I had Remi, however possible that is.

Then it wasn't long before oh Rudi did the dirty and out came a slew of little precious, furry, babies.  And I picked the meanest one there was.  No lie.

Yes, she is cute.. but she is fisty.  And mean.  Trust me there, folks. I can't believe this little lady is three.  If you missed the post about her birthday, check that out here

These babies warm their mama's heart each and every day.  Even on those bad days.  And believe me, some days are really bad.  But I can't think of not having them.  They have all listened to be whine, cry, scream, and just hurt.  They've all came and hung their little heads in my lap and just consoled me.  And I'll be forever grateful.

And like I said, there are some bad moments in our house.. but there is also a few of those fun things too. Kind of like...

Meeting little sister's for the first time...

Family Photos..

Meeting your daddy.  Yikes.

Boat rides!

So yes, I'm that crazy girl who takes my dog with me places.  I buy them special treats.  I hand-make them goodies.  I'm that girl that gives them birthday parties. 

And I don't apologize at all.  

A dog truly is man's best friend.  I'm living proof of it. 


  1. ok, this totally sold me. i post about my dog every {other} day. your pups are amazing!! following via google, so you better post about them more!! :)


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