Random thoughts.

It is SO gloomy outside today, so while I sit and sip on my coffee I am thinking of warmer, happier things..such as:

  • The boss man just told us we are closing at 3:30 tomorrow!!  Yippee!!!  Yes, we were open tomorrow.   Do I know why?  No... because the town pretty much shuts down.. but we were.. but hey, 3:30 is better than 5:00!  Made my morning! :)
  • Tonight is date night with my man!  :)  Thursday is our standard night when he stays at my house.  We met on a Thursday night so it's always kind of been "our thing.." :)
  • I'm really on a music kick lately.  I always have (and always will) love music, but the last few days I've just felt like I can't get enough of it.  Anyone got any good recommendations for some new Cd's?  Oh, and country.  This girl is a country girl. 

Oh, I finally fished the Growing Up Amish book.  My review:  Well, it was alright.  I lost interest a little over half way.  It became repetitive and I just wanted to be done with it more than anything.  It dragged out for me longer than books normally do, but since I didn't read any for about a week (major headaches) then I lost some time.  But it's done now.. and I'm glad.

So I've moved on to the new book.. The CrossRoads Cafe.  I'm only about 30% (Kindle language) into it, but so far I really like it.   I read a good number of reviews on it and they all seemed positive, so I took a chance.  It isn't a book I'd ever heard of or even knew the author.. but we shall see!  Sometimes that's half the fun part- learning a new author!

Well, that's about all for me lovies!  I am going to kick my shoes off, settle into my chair, and relax with my Kindle... until a customer pulls up. :) ha!

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  1. A few of my country favorites lately are new Luke Bryan, Jake Owen, and Eric Church! Love their latest CD's!


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