Cuteness Overload!

Last night was seriously one of the best nights ever

We thought we had a ballgame to go to at 7:00, but it turned out it was just a mistake, and so our plans for the night got threw off track. 

But I am SO glad they did. 

Bethany, Donna, Blake, Bryce, and Brad all came by my house.  Jenna was already there with me and B and then my mom joined in on the fun.  We thought it would be cute to take a picture of all the kids sitting together on the couch.  Well, it was. 

And then we had another good idea.  Sit Brad & Jenna together. 

Insert major cuteness. 

There was hand holding...

 Blake and Roxie made BFF's... she ate up the attention and he found a new love.  And poor Reagan tried to keep up..haha.
                                            Bryce and B posed for the camera!

                                                                              Can I kiss you?
                                                     The girl smiles.  The boy wipes it off.  Typical.
                                                           Money helps buy love, sometimes. :)
                                                               All the kids! First picture together!
                                                        Bethany got some "girl time!"

We all had such a good time just relaxing and watching/hearing what the kids would say/do.  Those are the nights that life is made of, for sure. 

                            B and myself and all our "babies".  I love this picture.

Now as if this isn't cute enough already, let me make it better.

Not long after everyone left I get a text from Blake.  That's him on the far right in that picture above. 
Told you I could make it better! ;)


  1. Too cute for words!

    I especially love how Bryce spelt BRAIN instead of Brian! :)

  2. What cute little kids! Love the hand holding!


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