Isn't it funny how it can all line up and feel SO good? 

Well, that's where I'm at right now.  B and I just had a fabulous weekend together!
Friday night we a little "married couple's" night out with getting something to eat and making a stop for a few things from the store, and ending the night with a car wash. haha.  I told you it was an old married couple's night. :)

Saturday was our big date day!  This was the first chance we have gotten to go out for B's birthday dinner because of so many other things happening on the weekends.  So, late, but we did it finally. 

His favorite restaurant is Red Lobster, and I had never been to one before. I know that sounds crazy for most people, but when you don't eat seafood, there isn't much of a reason to walk into a Red Lobster, haha. 

But I put my big girl panties on and took him there, against his will and his fear that I'd get sick.  (I CAN'T eat seafood, it's not that I just don't...)  And what do ya know, I liked it.  I'd def want to try something different when we go back but it was good.  Yes, B, I said we are going back! ;)

While we were there shopping and getting a few things, we did something very special. 

[Mallorie, you are about to die..]

We looked at engagement rings.  It was his idea, and I let him show me the rings he liked and I'd tell him my opinion on them.  We both REALLY liked the style of this one ring so I think he has a complete understanding now of what I want and what he wants to get me.  It was VERY exciting for me to get to try on rings.  That's a first for me, ever.  So to say I was nervous is an understatement but I am SO glad we did it. 

We also got his wedding band picked out for sure.  And might I add he looked SO good in it.  :)

And as if that wasn't enough of a surprise, B and his mom were working behind my back on something special for me.  B knows I have been trying to find the perfect "wedding bag" to carry my binder and what magazine or information I need with me when I start making some definite plans.  But I have not been able to just figure out what I want or needed.  B had told his mom all this and she happened to be in Tupelo the same time we were and found me a bag.

But here is where they are tricky.  B took me there and told me to pick out one for his sister.  I picked out the exact same bag.  Great minds think alike. hehe! 

It could not be more perfect for what I want it to be used for and I can't wait to get it monogrammed with my future initials on it. 

This wedding stuff is really starting to become REAL and I could not be more excited.  Like for real, it's about all I think about now a days.. :)

So Saturday was a really good time for us.  We got to "get away" but we also got some things accomplished and I truly can say I am so blessed to have this man and the family that comes with him. 

Then yesterday was Father's Day.  I had picked up my daddy a kneeling pad Saturday when we were in Tupelo and when he saw it he was really thrilled.  He said he had just told mom a few minutes before I gave it to him that he really needed one.  Score!

And to finish off the weekend, I went over to B's sister house and we had dinner and just relaxed and had a good time.  And talked wedding. :)  It is SUCH a blessing to hear his family asking what I think or what I want to do about certain wedding things.  To know there is a family to gain that actually cares is SO nice.  I promise I still have moments where I wonder how I got so lucky to find this man and this family for my future. 

 B's little brother, Ben, and his girlfriend Lindsey with B and myself.

The White family

The REAL White family. :)

I truly can't wait to see what all the future holds with this man.  It amazes me more every day.

And just in case ya'll need another cute text....
Blake is "hotter" than his uncle "brain".  Priceless.



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