Sometimes & Always #2

Sometimes- I'd rather go anywhere but work.

Always- I know I have to have $$, so I get up and go anyway.

Sometimes- I just want to go straight home from work and get in bed.

Always- Someone askes me to do something or come by somewhere, and I end up going.

Sometimes- I wonder how I made it through all the things of the past without B.

Always- I know that God was holding onto to him for me until he knew I was at my breaking point and He gave me my miracle.

Sometimes- I wonder how the past could have changed things for my current life.

Always- I know it had to happen to get me where I am!

Sometimes- I wish there was more to do in my hometown.

Always- I'm glad I live in a small town, where "everyone knows everyone."


  1. I am so glad that you and B are so happy together! You so deserve it!

  2. What a cute post -- love the one about you and your guy, and how he came into your life at the right moment. I like to think that about my own relationship, too! xo


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