Friday's Letters #1

This is my first time doing this link-up, but I figure a little change never hurt anyone, huh?

Dear Work, I am sooooo glad it's Friday and I get a break from you.  Lately you are

Dear Vacation, can you please get here sooner than 15 days??!?!?

Dear Beach, when we meet, please suck me in so I can never come back home.

Dear B, you are hands down the most amazing man I've ever met.  Seriously.

Dear ladies, I will not apologize for babbling over B all the time.  That's my dream man I got and I'm going to talk about it. 

Dear blog, thank you for allowing me to make new friends.

Dear new friends, you girls ROCK.  Seriously.

Dear cell phone, thank you for the hours of entertainment you can provide me when I'm bored.

Dear weekend, I'm looking forward to you.  In a big ole way!!!

Dear yard sales, don't miss me too much this weekend.  I'm not coming... shock!

Dear B's family, please like me :)

1 comment:

  1. No! You seriously rock! :-) Hope you have a fantabulous weekend!


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