RoadTrip Weekend

This weekend was a GREAT one.  I got to spend some time with B and his brother, Ben, and their mom, Donna.  Donna's parents' were having a fish fry at their house in Cairo, Illinois so this year I loaded up and went with them for the trip.  B wanted me to see where his family is from, and I wanted to take the chance to meet some of his family that I might otherwise, not meet. 

They picked me up at 8:00 at my house and we had good conversation in the car on the way there.  I just love getting to hear stories, and there was no shortage of them on the car ride there.  And just a odd fact on the side, we discussed his mom's wreck that occurred not long before B and I met.  The funny thing is, that was our first conversation on the phone.  Topic: Death.   How romantic, huh? :) 

Everyone at home thought I was taking a real over night trip since Illinois sounds soooo far away from home here in the Corinth, MS.  But really it's not a bad trip.  I think it is somewhere around 3 1/2 hours.  Even me with my back problems did fine.  Of course, I popped a pain pill too.. ;)

We crossed the point where the Ohio River and the Mississippi Rivers meet.  Now I know why they call it the "Muddy Mississippi" for sure.  That was neat to me to see something I've heard/read about.  I know B and his family probably think Cairo is nothing, and it is a run down town now.  But I was looking at those buildings just thinking and imagining how pretty I bet it used to be. 

They also showed me some brick roads and I got a chance to see Magnolia Manor.  I think (forgive me history buffs) this had something to do with Ulysses S. Grant during the Civil War time.  Pretty cool to me.  I have this fascination with older buildings/homes like that. 

I stole a picture from Google for you to see.. ;) Sorry, Google.

Anyway, back to the family fish fry.  We arrived and immediately ate.  B, Ben, and Donna all said the fish was nothing like it usually is.  And I can't speak for that.. but what I CAN say is I think I will crave those hush puppies.  I kind of already do.  Talk about GOOD.. and I'm SO picky about hush puppies.

After we ate, we all gathered in the living room and talked for a few hours.  B's grandmother ended up bringing out old family photos so we all got some laughs out of those.  We also heard the story of how she and B's grandfather got married.  Ladies, it's just priceless to listen to old stories like that.  I was just sitting there thinking as she was saying how they were only 16 and 18 years old that I just hope B and myself have such a long lasting love too.  Don't get me wrong- I don't have any doubts about us.  I just see older people and even if they fight or can't hear one another anymore, you can still see the love and dedication.  That's what I hope our grand kids and great-grand kids see one day.  Complete love and devotion. 

We left their house and B wanted to show me where his other grandmother "Nannie" lived so as we were driving by we noticed she was home (she had been in Texas with B's uncle and aunt) and so we stopped for a surprise visit.  So I ended up meeting more family than I even knew I would.  Such a good thing and feeling to be able to see B's heritage.  I wish every day he could have met mine.  They would have all loved him.  Grandparents' are so precious.  No one realizes how much until it's gone and too late. 

It's a trip I will never, ever forget.  I've mentioned it on the blog before a couple times, but some of you might not know.  B was married before and so since he and I started dating so quickly, no one had time to really know what happened with her and then how he and I met.  So that story was told over and over and over again.  I'm comfortable with B and his being married before me.  I know what happened and why the marriage didn't work out and it was before my time.  I know he likes to shield me from the topic, but there was no way out of it Saturday.  I know he felt odd and yes, after about the 4th conversation I did too.  Even his brother, Ben, apologized to me twice for how much was being brought up in front of my face.  I just want to take a moment and address it though.  No one wants to hear about their future husband's ex wife and their past.  But I think it just goes to show how strong I am to be able to sit back and listen and not let it effect me and B.  I know I am the woman he wanted for life, not her.  And I'm not saying that selfishly.  She wasn't the woman he thought she was and I truly believe he and I stare a bond that we both wanted a long time ago.  And never found. 

[So B, baby, please don't take offence to what your family might have asked or said in front of me.  They are purely wanting to know for the benefit of knowing how this all came to be.  And don't overlook the fact that after every single time it was brought up that you were told how proud of you they are and how happy they are that you have found happiness and wish US luck.  It meant a world to me that they accept me this quickly into the family and made me feel 100% welcome from the time I got there.  You have a wonderful family and I cannot believe I am getting so lucky once again to be a part of something so great.  So thank you to you, to your parents, to your brother/sister, grandparents, uncles/aunts, and cousins for standing behind you and US for OUR happy ever after.]

After the visits, we headed back home and made a stop in Jackson, TN for Target (Who doesn't love Target!?!?) and dinner at Outback.  I had so much fun with B, Ben, and Donna.  It gets me even more excited for vacation and getting to know the family more than just the length of a ballgame or movie or something.  To REALLY get to know each other. 

I also want to take a minute to brag on my baby.  He had something up his sleeve and he pulled one on me.  He ordered me a travel bag for vacation for all my toiletries.  He did it on his own, with no help or persuasion from anyone.  Talk about a good boyfriend.  He is always thinking and planning something for me.  Always.  I just still wonder sometimes how I got so lucky.

Tonight his and Ben's ballgames start, so I'm sure I'll be talking about that in the next few weeks a lot!  Bare with me.  I'm a proud, devoted girlfriend and I am going to broadcast my baby!  :)


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