Monogramm my life

Well, my future life...

Lately I've been racking up on some new monogram items! 

I mentioned B got me the toiletry bag for vacation.  I think it was record speed getting it done.  I dropped that bad boy off at 1:00 yesterday and was told it would take a day or two.  By 2:30 they had called me to come pick it up. 
It looks SOOOO good.  The hot pink against that black really makes it pop! And not to mention this bag is going to be SO handy for vacation.  My man sure knows how to please me! :)

I also participated in a Koozie Swap.  My partner sent me this koozie..

Yes, again, my future initials.  I figure if you know you are going to spend the rest of your life with someone then it's safe to go ahead and get it on my things.  Right?

I'm so thrilled to see that W on all my things.  And I truly cannot wait to legally be a W. 

That's all for now kids.  I'm going to go practice writing my new name.. ha! 

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