My little sis!

No, I don't have a real sister that I've neglected to talk about. But I do have a little sister, Haley.  She started blogging a little while back and she and I have hit it off great!  We have discussed meeting up one day and I'm crossing my fingers and toes that we can make it happen!  So here she is.. :)


Hey hey hey there, all you lovely Keeping Up with Kayla readers!! I'm Haley, and I blog over at I Can Only Imagine. I'm a true to heart southern girl, born and raised in the same little town of 1,400 people in North Carolina, and I'm currently a junior at UNC-Chapel Hill!
That's me!
If you're reading this, then you must consider yourself very lucky. Nooo, not because I'm writing it ;) but because that means that you must know Kayla and that, my friends, is a ball of luck all in itself! I've told K this before, but now I'll tell y'all: she is basically my blogging big sister. She has helped me so much with getting my very new blog off the ground and I love her to death for it! 

Sweet Kayla asked me to guest post for her while she is on vacay soaking up the wonderful sun, so I thought what better to talk about than vacations?! I very recently returned from a blissful 11 day getaway to sunny California and while I would love to share that with y'all..I just realized that I haven't re-sized any of the 834 pictures I took so it's taking them forever to load. Therefore, I'm still so excited to share some of my favorite past vacations with y'all! 
Hope you enjoy and don't forget to hop on over to my blog and check it out! I'd love to meet y'all! xo

 I have been to NYC twice in my life, once freshman year of high school with friends, and then again my junior year of high school with my brother and my dad! We went December 16-21, 2008 so we were able to see NYC in all it's Chrismas-y glory and it was unbelievable. AND it snowed. Nothing more beautiful than NYC in the snow. Trust me.

Snowed the DAY we got there. Super cold, but super worth it.

Love that big, beautiful Christmas tree.

Atop the Empire State Building. Talk about freezing!!

Mmm..Central Park in the snow!! 

New York has my heart and always will. Can't wait to go back again!!

One of my favorite vacations (excluding California ;)) was our trip to Cancun back in 2009! My dad's friend Pam's daughter Kelly (who just so happens to be one of my best friends) graduated from high school that year and her present was a trip to Cancun and we all got to tag along! It was the first time I had ever been out of the country and it was amazing. I loved every bit of it. We went snorkeling, ate super weird food, and got tons of sunshine ;)

 Kelly and myself en route to Isla Mujeres

The whole crew!

I could've lived there forever. Seriously.

 Next up: our trip to Snowshoe Mountain, WV. 
My family has always, always, always enjoyed skiing and snowboarding. We've taken numerous trips up to Snowshoe and Wintergreen Ski Resorts in WV but our most recent one (Winter 2010) was my favorite! I am personally a snowboarder, I like to feel a little bada$$ if ya know what I mean :P

 Snowshoe Village. So picturesque.

Hunter (my brother), Kelly (great friend), & myself atop the ski lift

Takes my breath away every time.

My dad, myself, & my brother

The mountains are so relaxing; I find them to be almost as relaxing as the beach. Cozy fire, hot chocolate, good movie..mmmm. Love it!


Well, my new friends..that's all I have for ya today! I hope you've enjoyed getting to know me and I hope to meet you all very soon over at my blog!

Have a fab vacation K, and y'all have a wonderful and blessed day! xo

Now get over to her page and follow this girl.  I SAID SO. Thanks Haley! :)

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  1. Ahhhh love you!! Hope you're having a BLAST!!


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