It's Megan's turn!

I have got SUCH a treat for you ladies today! Megan is one of the funniest blogs, I promise. And her love for her hubby? Obvious. So, if you don't already read her blog then you will know after today why she is one of my faves!

Hi there friends! My name is Megan and I blog over at Mackey Madness

I'm not exactly sure why I'm volunteering this information, but today I'm going to share a little story about my most embarrassing moment. Or should I say "one of" those moments...because let's be honest, there's been several.

Let me take you back to the first grade. We were in the middle of taking a test when my poor young self had to go to the bathroom. I raised my hand and asked if I could go quickly and my teacher said that I could hold it and to wait until the test was over. 

Five minutes passed. Again, I raised my hand and said that I really needed to go to the bathroom. And again my teacher told me to hold it. By this time I was squirming in my seat and getting a little sweaty and trying to squeeze it as tight as I could. That's when it happened...I couldn't hold it anymore and the pee just started coming out. It came slowly at first and I tried to hold it in, but it just kept coming. It started dripping down the desk and spreading across the floor.

Being the smart first grader that I was, I tried to use my book bag and extra papers to soak it up. But of course, one of the other students raised her hand and told the teacher that there was something wet on the floor. My heart raced as the teacher walked over to our desks and looked at the floor. I blushed. I looked down at my test and pretended to know nothing. 

She got someone to mop up the floor and I sat in class with wet pants. Eventually they dried and my teacher and I both pretended like nothing had happened. I was so grateful that she didn't call me out about it in front of the whole class. And yes, I really do remember that much detail about something that happened in the first grade...I was SO embarrassed. 

Oh, and I learned to always pee before class and at breaks. : )

Now share your embarrassing moment in the comments so I won't feel so alone. Puh-lease. 

Thanks for having me, Kayla!

Do you see why? Ha!!!  Go check her blog out!  She is a hoot!  Thanks Megan, your the best!


  1. Lol, I bet that teacher never told you to hold it again!!

  2. I did the same thing in 1st grade and remember it VERY clearly! I couldn't get my pants unbuttoned and had to walk all the way to the other end of the school to the nurse's office to get a change of clothes. There were 2 6th grade boys that saw me, and coincidentally, after school I realized (and so did they) that we walked home the same route every day for the first couple blocks. I can still hear him saying "Hey everybody! Cindy peed her pants at school!" all the way home and my friend yelling at him to shut up! Hadn't thought about that story for years!! :)

  3. That's an awful story, Megan!! That teacher should have let you go to the bathroom. That was totally her fault. You poor thing!

  4. Hahaha aw Megan! Hey, at least you were only in first grade. I would be lying if I said that never happened to me in my teens :)

  5. Oh my gosh! That definitely was the teacher's fault! That's terrible! :O I think I would have just gotten up and gone out anyway...but I was naughty like that! :P

  6. Thanks so much for having me, Kayla! You are the best!!


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