Okay.. let me rant. 

So this morning I woke up, got ready for work (TWO MORE FULL DAYS, Thank you Jesus!) and I was hungry.  Well, I knew I had nothing to snack on in my drawer at work so I planned a quick run in the Dollar General for a box of pop tarts. 

Sounds simple enough, right?  Wrong.  I get there about 3 minutes before they open, so I sat in my car looking at Facebook and waiting on 8:00.  I noticed the whole time I was sitting there that a girl who works in there was standing outside, looking around.  When I got out of my car she told me the girl who was supposed to been opening the store this morning had not shown up yet. 

Okay, I got back in the car and thought she must be running a few late. Still not a big deal at this point.  Then she comes walking over to me and asked to use my phone to call one of the other girls.  I said sure and let her.  I knew from the phone conversation that no one was coming anytime soon.  And at this point there was other customers besides me trying to get inside. 

I left because I had to get to work.  And now I'm sitting here starving my butt off. 

Not good. 

[Dear DG girl.. I hate you.]

In other news, B's ballgame got rained out last night so we ended up having dinner with my parents.  I think it worked out because we needed to see them before we leave on vacation because we have been not seeing them near as much as we should have.  After vacation, I really want us to do something with my family so they don't get their feeling hurt and for B to be around my side more so.  I want him to have a relationship with Jenna and she needs to see him more often than she does for that to happen. 

But anyway, it all worked out yesterday.  And I am completely worthless at work. 

In fact, I could care less.  Sadly.

My brain is on beach time. 


  1. awwwww I'm sorry! But hey I tagged you in a post on my blog for a leibster award! check it out!


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