Bounce, Kick, Throw...

Lately B and I have been on the go almost every day with ballgames.  Something I don't think I've mentioned on the blog is how many nephews/niece we will have between the two of us.  

The breakdown is: 9th grade, 6th grade, 4th grade, 1st grade, a 2 (almost 3!) year old, and a barely 2 year old!  I kid and tell people I'm not sure when B and I will have time to have a child of our own with all these school functions going on, ha!!!

So lately it's been ballgame after ballgame.  Monday's are Kaleb's JV Football games, Tuesday's are Blake's basketball games, Thursday's are Blake's basketball and Kamo's football games, and Friday's are Kaleb's high school football.  

Like the good aunt I am (hehe!) I've been snapping some pictures at the games and wanted to show ya'll two of our little "babies."  

Jenna-bugg made an appearance at the game!  All smiles, of course!

 Good shot, Blake! ((Or as I call him, my little "B2"- Get it!?!?))

Blake loves having his Uncle B there!  =) 

I love that B and I will have a full-time job keeping up with these kiddos.  It just warms my heart to see them and see that just being there makes them happy and proud to have the support.  SO glad B came with a full stash of nephews for me to love on!!! :)

**Marking on my To Do List to get a picture of B, me, and ALLLLLLL 6 of the little ones with us**

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