What a joy..

There is in a baby boy!

I've been waiting to speak to Meredith before I spoke about this on the blog, but I did so last night and am asking for all my prayer warrior friends to join together and pray for my sweet friend, Meredith, and her new little bundle of joy, Henry.

You see, last Wednesday, I got a text that morning from Meredith telling us girls that she had Henry the night before.  I immediately went into panic because her due date was not until later this month.  But she assured us that she and Henry were alright, and we would know more later, but she had to rest. (Naturally!) 

Well last night I finally got to talk to my sweet friend and there was tears a rolling during it to say the least.  Being a first time mommy, I cannot imagine the fears that she has faced this last week.  It turns out her "labor" was less than good.  It was terrible.

I'm not going to give you all the personal details, but Meredith's placenta ended up tearing loose and she had to rush to the hospital.  She said the doctors really were worried about her but also Henry. He had been cut from oxygen due to the placenta.  She explained to me that it didn't take long for them to have him breathing.  All I can say is PRAISE THE LORD.   

Again, I cannot imagine the fears that ran through her mind.  She has had a great pregnancy and never expected to meet her little angel this way, but by the grace of God, she did and baby Henry is healthy.  But please keep my friend Meredith in your prayers.  Due to the way Henry came into this world, her body isn't back recovered totally yet, so she is on a series of medicine.  I know Henry got his fighter nature from his mom and she will bounce back, but please take a minute and pray for my sweet friend and new "nephew." 

And on a good note, here is the sweet little creation himself.

How GREAT is our God!?!?! =)


  1. He is such a beautiful...oops.... handsome baby! Just makes me want to hold him. Glad mom and baby are doing good now.

  2. Poor thing! I'm glad they are doing well and I'll be thinking about them.

  3. I'm glad that everything worked out well for him...and her. Hopefully your friend will have a quick recovery. My son (4 weeks old), was born at 37 weeks and ended up in the NICU for 20 days with pulmonary hypertension. But, he's home now. Everything works out in God's fashion. Keep praying for her and her baby...my son is PROOF that prayer works, as he was prayed for all over this country and didn't have to get transferred from Huntsville to Birmingham!
    God is great, and He is watching over your friend and her beautiful boy

  4. Oh he is adorable! Keeping all of them in my prayers!

  5. lovvve that picture :) I'm a new follower and am SO excited to read more of your posts!! please come check out my blog and follow along :D


  6. Henry is absolutely beautiful and I can't even imagine the feelings that she went through.

    But, our God is great!


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