Do you really...

Know me?  I mean the REAL ME.

I've seen this floating around blog-land for awhile now, but never did it myself.  So I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon.

If you REALLY knew me...

You'd know...

-I believe with my whole heart B is the man that God made only for me.
-I wear my heart on my sleeve 24 hours a day.  
-I talk to my dogs more like they are humans than animals.
-I love to stand outside and "feel" a storm rolling in.
-I love B's laugh.  It's so heartwarming.
-I feel lost without my morning coffee.
-I live about two blocks from my childhood home.
-I am obsessed with reading.  
-Jenna makes me smile even when I'm not in the mood.
-I have to charge my phone multiple times a day.
-I am also addicted to my phone.
-I'm trying to fix that problem. #constantly
-I deleted ALL social media off my phone recently.
-I get teary eyed over the smallest of things.
-I fall in love with every dog I meet.
-Raw biscuit dough is one of my favorites.
-My nickname is bugg.
-Bugg has no background reasoning- totally my parents' fault.
-I watch more "guy" shows than girl shows these days.
-Summer is my fave time of the year, hands down.
-I've had the same group of best friends since we were in the 7th grade and we all live hours apart.
-The beach is my absolute happy place on Earth. 
-I love to work in my yard, even though I've neglected it the past two years.
-I seriously hate washing/drying/fixing my hair.  
-Pizza always has and always will be my favorite food.
-I never liked cartoons as a child.
-Brown is my favorite color.
-I have always had back problems.
-In November 2011, we found out it is Scoliosis.
-I hurt a lot more than I ever will admit anyone.
-I also have psoriasis. 
-I have very low self-esteem because of the psoriasis.
-I love to yard sale.
-I don't shop in stores, like ever, for clothes.  
-I've worked the same job for 5 years now.
-I bought my house when I was 23 years old and it will be paid off by the time I'm 40.
-I am proud of the accomplishments I've done in life for myself.
-I love to organize and cannot stand clutter.
-My biggest dream in life is to marry B and have a child with him.
-My biggest fear in life is ending up alone.
-I take way too many pictures, but I'm trying to freeze moments.

Well, kids, that's me!  =)  Hope everyone has a great day! 

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