I cannot tell you enough how H-A-P-P-Y that I am to see September!  This is going to be a fabulous month, so expect some great blogs! (Hopefully I don't let ya'll down..)

First up, Wednesday, I'm going with my family to the zoo.  This will be Jenna's second time, but my first time to get go with her so I'm very excited to get to hang out with my little booboo and take lots of pictures! ((Follow me on instagram klnelms /twitter @klanelms for updates!)) 

And then coming up on the 7th of this month, I will be one happy gal!  Some of you know the love story of how B and I met, and September 7th marks that day!  If you don't know our story, and want to, then visit here.  

And theeeeeeeeeeeeeen on September 17th, B and I will mark our first year of dating.  Words are not there to express how HAPPY and EXCITED I am about this day.  We haven't made any final plans yet, but I think we will go eat out of town and then just lay low for our anniversary.  Which is fine by me.  All I really want is a night with my man with no cell phones/Facebook/television/Other social media/Etc. distractions.  Just a good night for the two of us to get some alone time and reflect on the last year of blessings we have experienced. 

And then toward the end of the month is the annual Countrywood yard sale on Sept. 21-22nd.  I am excited to get away from town and spend some time with mom ((&&&& find some treasures!!!)) 

So you see, my loves, this is going to be such a fabulous month.  I thank God every single day for the people He placed in my life.  

And honestly I have the biggest smile on my face right now just thinking about my sweet man's face and what a difference a year can make.  A year ago I was lost in the game of love, and here I am with 100% certainty that I have found the love of my life.  

I can't wait for what the future brings!

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  1. Sounds like lots of good stuff happening this month!


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