Reunion & Giveaway!

I'm so stoked this morning.  Tonight, I get to see one of my very best friends in the world.  You see, this girl is my sister.  Not my biological sister, but we were meant to be friends. 

Sadly, she moved away from here several years ago and we don't get to see each other nearly as much as we'd like.  BUT don't be sad, she found her Mr. Right and is living a wonderful life, so I'm happy for her!

Anyway, she is coming in tonight and spending the night at my house.  This will her first time to meet B and I'm really excited about that too.  She is bringing along her hubby, so B and Jeff can become good pals too.  They are already stuck for life, so they better like each other! ha! 

I'll be back Monday with some new pictures of us! :)  Since that one was taken awhile back!

Next up-

I was hoping to have already had this up and running on the blog, but better late than never, right?

First off, a big THANK YOU to every single one of you who read this blog.  I kept saying when I get 100 Followers, I'm going to give away something.  This morning I'm at 126, so it's just mind blowing for me. 

Sure there are lots of blogs with bigger follower numbers, but this is a big deal to me.  And I love each of you!

So, the thank-you prize... (And I wish I could send you ALL one..) is going to be a $10.00 Starbucks gift card. 

Thank You Starbucks Card eGift

It will be sent via eGift, so no need in me even needing your address.  But PLEASE be sure you have an actively working e-mail that I can get in touch with you from!  This is where the eGift will be sent!

It's that simple!  I'm not into making this complicated, just want to show you lovely ladies a thank you!

Thanks ladies!  The giveaway winner will be announced on Monday!

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