The weekend mishaps!

Well, let me recap my weekend for you ladies.  

Go grab a Coke. You will need something strong when you read this.

Thursday night: B and I get home around 8:00.  He gets home before me since I stopped to pick up stuff for tacos. (I know.. not healthy. Sue me.) 
So I walk in, and B starts cooking me dinner as I run to play with Reagan and Roxie.  
B: "babe, what's wrong with Roxie??" 
K: "The spots on her stomach? Yeah, I saw them."

And then I knew what he was really talking about...
                                    This is her back where she "shaved" the hair chewing it... :(
                                                              Her belly.

Yes, that's my sweet baby girl on Thursday night.  She had broken out in all these red bumps and basically shaved her back and bitten a sore into herself.  

You have no idea how horrible of a mother I felt like I was.  How could my baby be in this shape and me not be on top of this?

Well, there wasn't anything I could do right then except give her as much relief as I could.  I found some older wound spray (hey! don't judge) and sprayed as much as she let me on the spot.  

Friday morning, I rushed into the living room and checked her spots.  Luckily, she had not made it worse throughout the night.  But I was in panic mode.  This dog needed to go to the vet and I was supposed to be leaving town at 8:00 AM.  

To make a long story short, I dropped Roxie off at the vet and B picked her up that evening.  And the verdict: fleas. 

Now before you go thinking my house is nasty or I'm nasty I need to tell you that BOTH of my dogs are completely house-trained and never go outside.  

Apparently, my sheltering the dogs has made this worse.  Since they are never "exposed" to the outside, once they are faced with something like that then they are much more miserable than a "normal" dog would be in the case. 
So now BOTH Reagan & Roxie are on medications for this and I had a $225.00 vet bill thrown my way.  Great, just greeeeeeat.  Not

Okay. So then fast forward to Sunday.  I get up before church to get myself ready. First things in the morning is always my coffee.  Well, I went to get my creamer out of the fridge and bam... I spilled it ALL over the floor and myself.  Apparently the lid wasn't on good.  I'm just glad I didn't already have my dress on for church.   Ugh.

Walk into my bathroom and find a huge spider. (I'm starting to think it's time for the bug man to visit my house, haha.)  So since I'm not scared of them, it wasn't a big deal until I stepped on it and found out it was a female.  A pregnant one.

Great.  Just great.

So I grabbed my hair spray (closest spraying anything I had near me) and sprayed my entire bathroom floor chasing these little ugly beasts. 

Now my floor is sticky.  Great.

Okay.  Then I finally get out of the house (late!) and head to church.  Go to Walmart and see people I don't care to see.  Eat with mom and dad.  Come home and smell something burning.

Dear Glade Plug-In,
You could have killed me, my dogs, and my entire house.  I am not happy with you, especially since I JUST bought you this past Thursday and you weren't cheap.  You did your job of making my house smell fantastic, but if you had succeeded in burning it down, I don't think the smell would be a good standing ground for your argument.  I WILL be contacting Glade company today to let them know my thoughts about you and your performance and how I will NEVER EVER use anything like you again.
-Very unhappy customer

So you see, my loves, this wasn't exactly my desired weekend of things, BUT there is something I want to show off.

I got my leopard lovies!

Ah, now that makes life a little better... :)

Aaaaand, if you aren't tired of me yet then you can click on over and see me at Allie's blog today.  And follow this pretty gal along. :)
Thanks for having me, Allie!


  1. oh my goodness! i'm so sorry for your crazy weekend and adding that your blog had disappeared on top of it all! Glade better be glad they didn't burn your house down! i'd come fight them for you! and speaking of fleas Dodger had a "hot spot" on his leg because of fleas biting him. the fleas in FL this year were outrageous! Get Adams Flea & Tick {red and blue bottle} and bathe them with that! I swear by Adams!

  2. You poor thing! Glad everything is OK.

  3. You had one crazy weekended! I am glad your dogs only had flees and nothing worse! :( The same thing happened to me with one of the glade plug ins. Thank god I caught it before it burned the whole wall down! I contacted them and they gave me my money back. Never again buying one of those!


  4. Goodness girl! That was quite the weekend! Glad everything turned out ok, with the pups, & the house though! Crazy about the plug in! Won't be buying one of those ever! Love your new shoes!

  5. OH NO! I hope Reagan and Roxie start feeling better! & hopefully no more spiders, burning smells or spilled liquid! Hopefully this week is better love! Thanks again for taking over my blog today =)

  6. omg. i am so sorry you had such a crazy weekend! you're due for a peaceful week! new follower from the blog hop :)

  7. Wow, rough weekend. Your dogs don't go outside ever? Do they pee inside?


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