Aloha, NOT.

It's Friday, thank goodness.  This has been SUCH a disappointing week for me.  I've spent the week in glasses (which means I can't see that well..) and nothing special has happened. I hate weeks like this.

And it's weeks like this that I miss my friends so bad, and miss those nights we would just go ride around, go to Walmart, go to Sonic, just go.  I'm sorry I'm in a sort of Debbie Downer mood today.  I'd blame it on the constant "drunkenness" from these glasses that aren't up to date with my Rx, or the long horrible day I had yesterday, or that I really don't see it getting better today.  

Oh, and I slept AWFUL last night.  

But I'm going to try to turn this day around.  I'm up way earlier in the blogging world than I normally am, and maybe this will become my new "time" to get some things done/said.  

I SHOULD be out walking my butt around the neighborhood so I can lose a little jiggle, but this morning just wasn't the morning for that after yesterday's events.  Sitting in bed, watching the news, blogging, sipping coffee won out on that argument.

So, let me touch on the glasses issue I keep complaining about on the le blog.  So, rewind back a couple weeks, and I ran to the Dollar General (It's on the same block as my work, so very convenient, mind you!) Anyway, went on a mission for laundry detergent.  Now, I'm a Gain Original scent gal, but this day- they were out.  So, I picked up the Gain Aloha version.

Yes, this is it.  The demon in my life.
Anyway, best we can figure out this stuff and me didn't jive too well, because every time I've been around it's a full onset of wanting to scratch the eyeballs out of my head, and I have literally scratched my skin until I've made it bleed.

So, life has been less than good this week to say the least.  

But, I WILL survive.  I did get to see my man last night, and that speaks volumes for my mood, if you know me at all.  That boy just makes my heart skip.  I'm already ready for another night with him tonight.  

Sometimes just his arms around me make the world better.  Sorry, I'm mushy, but it's clear truth.

So, that's me ladies!  I'll be picking up later (possibly today!?!?) with another Q from the list!  But if not, have a great day ladies!

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  1. Gain Original Scent is my favorite too! It just smells SOOOOOOO clean! feel better soon love <3


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