Sunday Social

I missed out on this last week, so I'm joining in today!

Sunday Social

1. Favorite childhood books:
- Goosebumps, Babysitters Club, R.L. Stine.

2. Favorite book right now:
-Gosh, there are SO many great books out there.  I cannot possibly pick only one as my favorite!

3. Book you wish you could live in:
- Any Twilight series, hey... Edward loves Bella like every woman wishes she would experience!

4. If you could be any character from a book who would it be and why?
-Catniss from The Hunger Games.  She exemplifies complete bravery. 

5. Favorite book turned movie:
-The Help.  Normally, movies just butcher books and destroy their original story lines.  But this one stuck to the book and it was wonderful.  If you haven't seen it, I recommend it!

6. Favorite magazines:
- Cosmo, Better Homes & Gardens, All You, and Southern Living

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  1. The Help was good-book and movie. While Katniss is a very cool character-I wouldn't want to have been put in the situations she was put in! :)

  2. Aww loved R.L.Stine. I used to have so many of his books and my mom sold them at a yard sale.

  3. Hi from Sunday Social!
    The Help was such a great book, I loved the movie too :)

    xox, Pam


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