Bubble _____'s Neck

Once upon a time, there was a girl who entered my life and we quickly became friends. :)  Find Miss Jenna here. :)

Then one day she sent me some snail mail and I squealed.

Then I blogged about it.  And because she is so awesome, she decided to give one of you ladies the same prize as me.

Remember this baby?

Well, today is the today... the lucky lady is announced.

Don't forget, if you want to order one (or several!) of these beauties for yourself or some great Christmas gifts, Jenna's Etsy Store is the way to go!

So, who is it?

Sidenote, if ya'll don't know Allie, then head on over to Tales of a TwentySomething and say hi! :) And be sure and check out the giveaway happening on her blog too!  I'm participating in it myself!

I'm so excited for you! E-mail me and we will get the details figured out, love!


  1. Aghhh yay Allie!!!! Can't wait to send you the bubble!!!

  2. We were JUST talking about this! AHHHHHHH love both you ladies to the moon and back X 100! MADE MY DANG DAY :)


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