[I'm loving..] my new blogging friends! You ladies rock!

[I'm loving..] that tonight is the new #DuckDynasty. 
-Join me on Twitter tonight for the show! @klanelms

[I'm loving..] that I get to see my man tomorrow. #Thursdaysaremyfavorite.

[I'm loving..] that Mom and I are having a yard sale this weekend! Yayayayaya for cleaning out junk in my way!

[I'm loving..] my man.  Period.

[I'm loving...] all the new blogs I've found lately.  There are some brilliant ladies out there!

[I'm loving..] my book that Jessica is letting me borrow! (Thanks, girlie!!)

[I'm loving..] that Halloween is just around the corner. #favedayoftheyear

[I'm loving..] Revenge.  I posted on Fb that I thought I'd give it a whirl... and so I consulted Netflix, and am now catching up on Season One.  Holy cow, loving it!

What are you loving??


  1. I'm loving french vanilla coffee
    I'm loving that after today I have 4 days off
    I'm loving that my college friend is coming to visit this weekend

  2. Glad you have so many things to love today! Have a great rest of the week!


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