It's Ok & Q#2!

How about we do TWO link-ups today? :)
First up..
Its Ok Thursdays
[It's ok..] that I am already looking forward to getting off work.
[It's ok...] that I don't let people run over me.
[It's ok..] that I'm starving with all this counting calorie stuff.  Payoff is sweet!
[It's ok..] that I am so excited to see B tonight.
[It's ok..] that I can't get on FaceBook or Twitter from my phone.  I think people need less social media in their lives.
Q. 2: Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

1.  Heights.  I'm not sure "how" they became a fear, I've just always had the fear of them.  I remember as a child being SO scared when daddy went on the Ferris wheel with me.  He kept trying to get me to "wave at Mom" down below and I couldn't let go of the bar in front of me long enough to do so.  It's no surprise that I've never flown.  I will need a good strong flying buddy and probably heavy medication to do so.

2. Small spaces.  I kind of break out into a sweat just thinking about being inside one.  Like elevators make me nervous.  I'm okay with them with like 3-4 people. But anymore than that just kind of makes me nervous.  Any place like vacation or something like that is usually when I find myself in these places, but I try and just suck it up and ride along.  But Lord knows I love hearing that beep when the doors are opening.

3.  Never having children.  This one is definitely my biggest fear in life.  Ever since I was a little girl I've dreamed about having a husband and a child to take care of and enjoy life's little moments with.  The older I got, the more my fear grew that I wouldn't find someone to share that with.  But then B came along.  So hopefully all these fears are erased in the next few years!  I'd love nothing more than to call him my husband and see a baby that takes after him.  Melts my heart thinking about it.  


  1. Completely and 100% agree on #3. I'm so scared that I'll have problems getting pregnant when the time comes, or not be able to at all. I've wanted to get married and be a momma since I was a little girl and it would devastate me if that wasn't possible.

    Love you <3

  2. I'm with you and Allie on Number three. Terrified.

  3. Ok so what kind of phone do you have?!?

    I totally need to lessen my time on social media ... I'm too wrapped up in it :/


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