Q. 3. Describe your relationship with your parents.
This is definitely an area I am beyond blessed.  I've mentioned my parents' on the blog before, but honestly probably never told anyone how PROUD I am that they are my parents. 
My dad has always worked hard to help all of us kids with whatever we needed in life.  He has been the "go to" for help numerous times and never let us down.  He always had the right answers and a good solution to back it up.  Dad has always been so smart it's amazed me.  He can take a situation, look at it, study it, and come up with the perfect answer on how to fix it/solve it/etc.  I think that's why he was such a good manager when he was still working.  He also understands how people react to other people and how jobs need to be performed.  And by jobs, I mean work, and outside of work.  Life is job and people every day need to be treated equally.  I learned a lot of how I see people from my dad.
My mom is a hoot.  She loves to people watch with me, shop yard sales, and hang out with me and Jenna bugg.  She was always there to pick me up when I was hurt or sad or mad, and always there to do something fun when I was in a good mood!  She has been a trooper and I know I've not thanked her enough for the things I have seen, and didn't see, that she's did for me over the years. 
My parents have been great role models for me and always tried to keep me appreciating life.  I grew up getting to go camping every weekend, go on vacations every year, and I had every toy I could have wanted.  I'm sure they sacrificed for me to get those things at times, and as an adult I can look back and see more of that now. 
They are great grandparents to my niece and nephews and I can't wait to give them one of my own to love on.  And they love B.  They are always asking where he is, how he is, etc.  And that's a new one on me.  I love that I have someone in my life that THEY will love as well and feel comfortable with me spending my life with.  It truly makes life just that much sweeter.
So, I kind of got off track- but my relationship with my parents is great.  I thank God each and every day for them. 

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  1. You look just like your mom! I feel so blessed as well to have great parents :) It really does make for a good life doesn't it!

    have a great weekend love!


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