I see you.

Let me be very real about something...

I feel like crap.

& look like it too..


Believe me now?

The sad thing is, I actually went out in pubic like this twice today.  

First off, I don't think God minds how horrific I look, so I went to church.
Second, I went to a movie.  Hence, in a dark theater.  

So the story is that I have a MAJOR problem with my eyeballs.  Last night I had a major allergy attack, and today it's been the same thing over & over.  

So, no blogging for me.  Heck, let's be honest.  I can't see the screen well enough to even read blogs so my Google Reader is currently on overload.

Dear God, please if you see fit for B and I to have a child, let it take after its daddy.  Pretty, pretty please.  Amen

I'll be back soon...hopefully.  

p.s.- I have my text ENLARGED to just be able to see this.  #truestory


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