[I'm loving...] that I get to B tomorrow.  I really will be glad when life gets back to normal.  I be missing my man!!!! 

[I'm loving...] that I got some new laundry detergent, that doesn't cause allergic reactions. haaaaa!

[I'm loving..] that today is my youngest nephew's birthday.  My Kamo is 12 today. Gosh, makes me feel old!

[I'm loving...] the time I've spent with the furbabies lately.  Love my Reagan & Roxie!

[I'm loving...] the patience I'm learning each day.  

& as always..
[I'm loving...] MY MAN.  Have I mentioned I'm ready to see him!?!?! :)

And now for another installment of my Q&A.  

#4. List 10 things you would tell your 16 year old self, if you could.

1. Listen to your mom & dad.  They do know what's best. 
2. Leave a little earlier, so you can make sure and get your friends home on curfew.  
3. Eat that extra piece of cake/etc.  You are not near as fat as you will be in 10 years, haha.
4. Start wearing more mascara.  You will look better in pictures you will dig out one day!
5. Be more adventurous.  You can be smart and social at the same time.  Take a chance, stay up late, sleep in one day.  It's not going to ruin your life.
6. Make better choices, in life in general.  
7. Make all the memories you can with your friends.  Those girls will be the women you have in your life in the dark days coming.
8. Exercise!  That way you will be used to it by the time you start really "needing it".
9. Keep a better journal.  You will love looking back and reading all your thoughts!
10. Save money, starting now.  Just trust it. 

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  1. Learning patience...... yeah, I'm real bad at that one :)


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