[I'm loving..] that it's Wednesday already! Can I get an Amen!? 

[I'm loving..] that I have two posts written, just need the pictures added (& can't seem to get them to work here at work, so it has to wait until I'm at home tonight!)

[I'm loving..] this weather!  I know it's not "fall" weather, but I will hold onto the last days of flip flops as long as I can!

[I'm loving..] my coffee.  I swear, some days I think that's what gets me through, ha!

[I'm loving..] that in a little over two weeks we get to go see Ben!  I know B's whole family is anxiously awaiting getting to catch up with him!

[I'm loving..] All my babies between me and B.  We have six ya know- 5 boys and 1 girl.  Anyone want to guess what the family wants US to have?! haaa!

[I'm loving..] my friends.  Ya'll mean the world to me.  Really.

[I'm loving..] NyQuil because I slept a WHOLE night last night.  My melatonin has stopped working and I'm still upset about that.

[I'm loving..] my man.  He steals my heart every.single.day. 


  1. Seriously had to read the baby part over and over again. Then I found myself questioning whether or not you and B actually had babies! I'm stupid..I know :)

  2. yay for baby names!!! I have a long list which I'm sure you do too!

  3. Wait melatonin can stop working? I just started taking it (because my brain won't stop sometimes) and it's so wonderful...if it stops working, I might cry. Good luck with the Nyquil!! Insomnia is the worst.

  4. You know I don't usually comment, but I have two words for you:
    Valerian Root

    You are the one that told me about this little gem. I'll take it over melatonin any day!!


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