Brad's Birthday!

I'd be lying if I said this wasn't one of my favorite little boys in the world!  Brad Alex is such a cutie!  This past Saturday was his THIRD birthday party!  That's so crazy to me, because I remember his second birthday party.  It was right after B and I had met and started talking, and now here we are a year later and I love this kid as my own!

Brad's party was "Firetruck" themed this year, so what other to do than have a real firetruck at your party?  Yep. :) He did.

I'll let the pictures do the talking.. it's much better than any words I can conjure up! HA!

I was just snapping pictures of the little man & the festivities!

The turnout was great.  You can definitely tell that little man is loved! He had friends, family, and plenty of playmates to entertain his as the night went on. 

Happy Birthday, Cutie!


  1. Love the photos and how cool to have an actual firetruck at the party!

  2. CUTE!! I'm nervous about when Pierce starts having parties! What will he want?!

  3. Adorable! & I need your shirt/sweater---- ASAP :)


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