It's Hump Day, friends!  Can you believe that next week is NOVEMBER!??!

Moving ahead..

[I'm loving..] that I FINALLY got the Internet to cooperate and I can finally read blogs at work again.  Shh! :)  But just getting to do this at home was getting on my nerves. ha!

[I'm loving..] It is freaking HALLOWEEN! 

[I'm loving..] My new creamer I branched out and tried. #yum
[I'm loving..] that tomorrow is Thursday and ya'll know what at meansssssssssssssss... time with my honey! Yayaya!

[I'm loving..] that this weekend is the Grand Illumination here in town.  There will be a post on this coming later next week!

[I'm loving..] My baby's handiwork.  He built this for his room, and of course still has to paint it and stuff, but this was made out of broken down pallets.  As in, re-purposing some wood.  I told ya'll he was perfect for me.  Now, if he would only get on MY list of wants ;)

[I'm loving..] that I have a whole bucket of Halloween candy sitting on the desk next to me.... that I COULD eat.... But I'm not.

[I'm loving..] all these group text conversations.. hahahhah.  Ya'll all know who you are! ;)

[I'm loving..] This book I'm currently reading.  It's not a typical read for me, but I'm enjoying a little step out of my reading comfort zone.

& as always...
[I'm loving..]  My man more every day!


  1. I'm loving you still! ha! Yay for thursdays!!!

  2. Hopping over from WILW...I love all those flavored creamers!! Yummy!
    I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog post today. Be sure to check it out!! Love your blog!

  3. I love you! PS you like fitness girl...I'll time you ;)

  4. Try the Pecan Praline creamer :) nomnomnom

  5. My favorite creamer in Peppermint mocha latte, comes out soon!


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