10 Slots.

Well, I've took some time off from answering all those questions I started awhile back.  To refresh your memory, here's the original questions.

So that brings me to next in line...
List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.

Ten people:
1. My Mom.  She has always been the kind of mother you want to have.  She's supported me (even when she probably didn't want to!), she's nurtured me back to health, she's drove me around to all my activities, she's helped me pick out clothes for random things, and laughed at all my crazy ideas over the years.  She has been my best friend and I can never thank her enough for the love she has always shown me.  I truly got blessed when God placed me in her arms. :)

2. My Dad.  He has always shown me the "how to's" in life and I think is a big part of the reason I'm as independent as I am.  He likes to take care of me and help me out, but I think a part of him likes that I see him do certain things and now feel like I can handle it myself.  ha! My dad is one of the smartest people I've ever met and can fix just about anything.  I wish I'd gotten more of that side.. haha!

3. Brothers.  Kevin & Shawn have always loved their little sister and I'm forever grateful for that.  I knew early on how blessed I was to have people " watching out for me" through life.  Even though we don't share the same mother, it's never been anything but a thick sibling bond there.  I love it.

4. Friends.  There is no possible way to list all my friends here that have influenced me because at some point in each relationship with every single one, I've gained another ounce of knowledge about myself.  Even though some of them and I aren't as close as we used to I'll always value the lessons I learned from them.  Even though, honestly, some of those lessons are who not to trust.  That's a part of it too, though!

5. Customers.  If you know me IRL, then you know sometimes I come home from work with a less than positive attitude over someone being rude or inconsiderate, but the truth is.  I do have those customers who I love like my family and get excited when I see their cars approaching.  For those that I feel this way about- Thank you.  Some days you are truly the reason I am snapped back into a better mood (after someone rude has left..ha!)

6. Blog friends.  I have truly met some of my best friends through this outlet.  I had no idea when I started this little blog that I'd be blessed with knowing some lovely ladies like I do now.  I wish we all lived closer, but one day (promise!) we will all meet.  I truly do love getting to text, email, skype, tweet, & instagram with you!  It's so fun!

7.  Authors.  I know this might be an odd one, but books are my thing.  I haven't gotten to read nearly as much as I'd like lately, but books are still in my heart and always will be.  Authors are the brains behind this "escape" I love so dearly, so yes.  I think they have influenced me, even if indirectly.  They given us the hope for a romantic life, a chuckle for the funny moments in life, and a way to handle the serious times.  You can't beat a good book.

8. Charities.  I know I should probably name specifics here, but I'm going to speak as a whole.  I think those who do charities are some of the sweetest people.  I love nothing more than to find a blog post where I see there has been God's works done with people working for a bigger cause and helping out where help is needed but would never be asked.  

9. Children.  Innocence in a child is always an important reminder in these busy days.  A child's view on life is what we should all strive to keep in mind.  I love to watch their imaginations at work, and see what thoughts stumble out of their mouths.  I wish we didn't lose some of that innocence as we got older. 

10.  Brian.  Ya'll didn't think he wasn't going to make the list, did you?  I'm sure it's not surprise to find his name on this list.  He influences me day in and day out with his selfless attitude, his strong work ethics, and his ever growing love for me.  Not everyone on this earth is blessed to know each and every day that they are for sure with the love of their life.  I am fortunate that I am.  He makes me smile.  He makes me think.  I love the challenges we face, and love that we settle them together- like adults.

There ya go, loves.  
P.S.- I need to get back onto the Q/A for me and Brian.  Any one to submit any questions? 
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  1. Good one on the authors! I completely didn't realize to put that as one of my influences. Anne Rice is definitely up there.


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