WILW: Christmas Edition


So, with Christmas just around the corner I thought it would be fun to make a "If money was no object" Christmas list.  

I know I have several friends, family members, etc. who read this, so let me also so- DO NOT GO BUY THIS STUFF.  

It's purely material things I see floating around the blog world or television (since I stay on it so much now...) and this is all just for fun! 

Now, onward with the list..

MK Purse.
Duh! 99% of Christmas Lists on blogs right now list a MK purse.  #gorgeous

New make up brushes.  I can hear the angels singing...

Kitchen aid Mixer!
Come to Mama.... Good thing I get to register for wedding gifts soon... SOMEONE PLEASE BUY ME THIS THEN.  In all seriousness.  I've wanted this baby for years... I think it'll be a nice wedding gift.  I promise to make Brian goodies in it ;)

Nike tennis shoes
Are these not just DARLING!??! #iloveleopard

Fossil Watch. She's a beauty.

New washer/dryer!
This is going to be on the necessary list, soon I'm afraid. 

2013 Jeep Laredo.  I'd like it black or navy, please.
#pitterpatter of my heart.... One day.. ONE DAY....

Okay, okay.. SO that was my pretend list.  So what did I REALLY ask for this year?
Ok, truth be known I haven't asked for anything.  I hate asking for things.  But these are some things I'd like.
New house shoes.  Any kind, any color.  Just make sure they are a size 7 and we will be BFF's for life.  Or until those wear out and I need a new pair.  I love my house shoes.  Yes, I wear house shoes like a grandma.  

Brown dish towels.   I know.  It's really on the list.

New (BROWN!) bath towels.  Mommy dearest has these for me! :)

Amazon Kindle Gift Card, so I can buy me some new books to read!

Couch throw pillows :)

Vac for hardwood floors.  I currently have one, but mine is worn out.  Good time to score a new one!

Laundry hamper.  I've got one spotted, so I might be grabbing this up for myself soon!

Blankets.  I love to snuggle with one :)

Brown leather Bible. But I want to pick this one out.  That's a pretty important book that I want to make the choice on! ;) And I want to have it engraved with Kayla White on it.  (I want to use it in my wedding instead of a ring pillow!)

&&&& That's about it.  I don't ask for much.  It's just not in me to ask for anything.  I'd much rather be giving than receiving any day.  That's why I stress so much over people's gifts I think.  I want them to open it and them LOOOOVE it.  THAT is my present.  Seeing that I made someones day!

What's on your list??

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