First Impressions.

For those of you who have followed my blog for awhile, have seen this picture and I apologize.  It's from quite awhile back.  So you're probably wondering why I'm posting old pictures...


It's because today I want to talk about first impressions.  We all know they are of the most importance and it can make/break a situation.

This picture was B's first impression of me.  

Had I known my future husband would find me with this picture, I'd stood up a little straighter, and posed a little better, but hey.  I hooked him anyway! ;)  #loveyoubaby! 

Now here's the funny part.  B and I had been messaging back and forth and I still hadn't paid much attention to what my picture was because, well, let's be honest.  MOST of my pictures were of Jenna at this point.  and still are

And then he threw me for a loop.  

He asked what I did on weekends.  I told him that most of my Friday nights were spent with a one year old.  To which he responds how good that is that I'm a good parent.

Say whaaaaaaaaaaat?  


((keep in mind that B and I met on Facebook, see my sidebar and Our Love Story to catch up!))

I explained to B that Jenna was not my kid in fact and I was single and without anyone but the two furbabies.  And so I hear now that he was doing a happy dance knowing he'd found a good girl he was interested in, unmarried, and without kids.  At pushing 30's door.  Man, he got lucky!;) HAHA!

So, this was kind of random, but I just wanted to touch base with this picture.  Every time I see it I think of B now and him with his first impression of me.  Too funny.

And what was my first impression of him?

That sun looks bright and hot....

Just like him! ;)


  1. You never really think how a picture can change someones view of you. Obviously, things worked out well for you in the end ;)

    - Marissa @ Just Being Marissa

  2. I love this post :) She looks enough like you to be yours so I get why he thought that! Love you guys and is it bad that I am SOOOOO excited for your wedding lol

  3. Hey lady! I tried to respond to your comment, but you're noreply, so I just came over here! :)

    It's a BIG PAIN to change login email addresses, but it's possible. If you want to know, respond to this so this isn't the longest comment ever! HAHA

    Also - about the post! Crazy! First impressions mean so much! :)


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