Wedding Wonders!

As most of you know by now, on November 10th of this past year my sweet boyfriend changed my life and got down on one knee and gave me the moment I've waited my whole life for....My Surprise Proposal. 

And then wedding planning stopped with all the holiday chaos and whatnot, but as of December  26th I have been in full time wedding planning state of mind!

In a matter of the first week, I had the venue booked.  I have a sneak peak in a post last week and I absolutely cannot wait to show the full details of it closer to time!  Right now it just looks so drab since it's winter and everything around it is, well dead.  When the weather gets better (and warmer!) I'm going back to get better pictures and I promise to share those!

Soon after the venue was settled, the hunt for the perfect honeymoon cabin was my new mission and I quickly found that and got it booked! 

Things were coming together SO nicely and I honestly haven't stressed out yet!  Which is highly unlike me when it involves such a life changing thing as this and how badly I want our big day to be perfect.

That brings me to this past Saturday.  I had an appointment scheduled to look for bridesmaid dresses and I ended up adding bridal gowns to the appointment.  So we showed up for our appointment and narrowed the bridesmaid down to two different style dresses.  I decided I would look for MY dress and if I found one, let that decide my bridesmaid dress depending on how they looked with "mine".  

I tried on a total of six dresses, and ended up putting #3 back on.  I can't explain what it's like to try on bridal gowns.  But I can say one thing.. It's true what they say that when you know, you KNOW.


I SAID YES TO THE DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I obviously cannot post pictures because my sweet better half reads my blog! (Hey baby!!) But I cannot express enough how thrilled I am to know I have found the dress that all my dreams will come true in while I marry my soul mate.


I put the dress on for the second time and was amazed and how beautiful I looked.  I was just staring at myself in the mirror, and then it happened..

....the room got quiet... and tears started flowing.

That was my moment of truth.  This was MY dress and this was the moment I had looked forward to.  It was bliss.  And such an emotional thing.  

I asked everyone that went with me if they liked the dress.  Everyone kept saying yes and going on about how pretty I looked.  I've never been one to like being stared at, but I could tell how pretty I looked based on their looks.

But before I could say yes, I had a couple texts to make.  One being my daddy.  I love my daddy and wanted him to tell me he liked it before I made any commitments.  My mom was in love with it.  I could tell.

After the nod of approval from dad and my cheering section, I gave the the answer.  I said YES! And I ran the bell! At David's Bridal they let you ring a bell in the store to alert everyone when someone finds their perfect dress! 

That was FUN!

SO.... that's my big news on the wedding end!  I am SO happy to be planning this wedding and cannot wait to see this all come to life on October 12! :)
This was me concentrating hard on one of those bridesmaid dresses! ;)


  1. Picking out your wedding dress is just amazing. I choose the first one I tried on..I went back to it after all the others! I can not wait to see it..I know it will be awhile but still! Congrats!

  2. Finding THE dress is the best moment. It makes it so much better if the girls you love are with you. I wish you all the best in your upcoming marriage.

    Saying Hi from your sponsor post over at TOATS blog

  3. Yay! How exciting!! Interested to hear more as you continue planning :) I'd like to have a fall wedding...someday!

  4. That is so exciting! Weddings make me so happy - I can't wait to see more of your wedding plans! :)

  5. That's so exciting that you found your dress!! I can't wait to go dress shopping!!

  6. I'm so glad you found your dress! That was exactly how I felt about mine. I brought in a picture of a similar one but they matched it as close as possible. I tried it on first, tried on about 11 more just to try on fun ones, but once I put it back on the second time I knew. Congrats! Can't wait to see it :)

  7. As the mom in love to be, I had the priviledge to be present and one of the special ones that got to see you in it, and truly thought you looked like a princess in it, cant wait to watch Brian's face when he sees you that first time in it!


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