Birthday Bash!

Friday was my birthday! ((Big thanks to all you sweeties who wished me kind words on here, twitter, facebook, and text! Love you all!))  So, this was me. officially 29 years old.. at least I was smiling!

 That night, B and I met my parents to go eat for my birthday dinner!  So of course I made him stop in the middle of the road and snap a picture with me.  :)

After dinner, we went out to see my little Jenna bugg.... except she was more like B's little Jenna-bugg.  She basically ignored everyone except him.  But that's okay ;)  It melted my heart!

She also decided she wanted B to give her a ring like he did me... so he did! ;) 

After the visit, we went back to my parents' house and hung out with my mom and dad for a little while before heading to sonic for a late night drink! :)

Me and my honey! 
The woman who gave me life! 

Daddy's gal!

Saturday night was my date night from B.  I simply cannot put into words how much I LOVE getting out of town with him and getting to go do something besides sitting at home.  Don't get me wrong, I love being home with him but it is so nice to get out and experience some things with him too!  So thanks babe, I had a great time!  

 Aaaand... he spoils me.

So, it was a fabulous weekend for me  I'm so blessed to have a wonderful group of people! 


  1. you're so prettty! happy birthday lady :)

  2. Happy Birthday! What a great birthday gift {not only the Naked palette, but also spending time with your family}!

  3. What fun! Happy Birthday lady! Oh & p.s. I thought you were like 22 or something! I would have never guessed you were 29!

  4. What a great birthday! Happy birthday!!!

  5. Oh my goodness I love your leopard sweater! Happy late birthday! How nice that you got to spend it with loved ones :)

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!!

  7. you are probably the cutest thing ever, and SOO happy you had such a great birthday!



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