Okay, you pretties.. I want some advice.. suggestions...etc.

I'm all in wedding mode in my brain and I am currently working on music selection.

And I'm stuck.  

Who has gotten married lately?  What songs did you use?  
Who has been to a wedding lately?  Any song that stuck out to you?

I need help. :)


But, on a bright note- I'm 99% sure I have it nailed down what I want to use for favors! 

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's going to be SO CUTE.  

P.S.- If anyone has any websites (besides Pinterest and The Knot) that they want to recommend for ideas, planning, etc.  then I'd love to hear!


  1. Hey! My friend Audra walked down the aisle to Train's marry me. It was different but cute! So, glad I found your blog. :)

  2. Use songs that you and your hubby to be always like together while dating. Think back to when you first started dating and what was "in" and do the same for the time you got engaged. Also use lots of dance songs, who doesn't love to get down withe the chachaslide at a wedding?!

  3. Are you looking for ceremony music?? Do you want something more traditional?--my dad's a music minister, so I've got lots of ideas. :)

  4. I walked down the aisle to the old standby Canon in D. :)

  5. When I'm looking for wedding things for my wedding, I go to google and search for what I'm looking for. :)

  6. You should also try Weddingwire. It's similar to the Knot. It's a great site! Good luck!

  7. was a site I used in addition to The Knot. I walked down the aisle to Trumpet Voluntary, the mothers to Clair de Lune and our wedding song was Better Together by Jack Johnson. It's been almost four years, and unfortunately I can't remember the rest of the music!


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