Motorcross Monday!

This weekend, B & I took the little men out for a treat!  Motorcross was in town, so we were good aunt & uncle and loaded up our boys and went out for the night!

Usually, just Blake and Bryce (the oldest two) get to go when it's something like this, but we felt like Brad was finally old enough to go and enjoy it too.  And he did.  

Precious baby kept saying "It Awesome!" in his little sweet voice!

We had this night planned out for the past few weeks, but were nervous this past week if we would actually get to go since Blake and Bryce both were sick with the flu.  

Thankfully, all the boys got to go.  Even though poor Bryce had to prop up and fall asleep during it.  ((And you know he's tired if he sleeps during MOTORCROSS!))

I feel very fortunate that B and I got to take these little guys out for a night and get to spend some time with Uncle B and Kayla. :) We had such a great time & and I can't wait to go for another event out..

So, in a nutshell- I had a great date night with my 4 men.  And I'm thankful for my "biggest" date... my sweetheart who I love more every day and can't wait to see him do things like this with our own child one day!


  1. Ohhh my goodness my little heart just melted! Sooo cute!

  2. The boys are so cute! Looks like everyone had a blast!!

  3. That's too funny about him falling asleep. I did that during the Indy 500 as a kid. When you're tired, you're tired!


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