501 Cosmetics [Review]

Today I'm coming to you with a treat.  I recently paired up with 5:01 Cosmetics and review two products from their new make-up line.  To get to know the company a little better, please see this page.

I was sent the Water resistant lash plumping mascara, in Jet black and the fine tip liquid eyeliner in Chocolate brown.

First of all, I loved the look of the products when I opened the package.  For some reason, I just don't like colored tubes of mascara, etc.  I loved that it was black and silver. That screams classy to me.  And I like all my products to "match" color wise.  It's a bit of an OCD tendency on my part, but I think the black cases look more high end.

Then it was time to really give it a test, try it out!  I thought I'd just show you a before/after picture of my eyes with wearing both of these products to show you how they worked out for me personally.

You also have to excuse those bags under my eyes.  That's all natural. LOL.  Aren't I lucky? :) 

As you can see, there is a difference.  It's nothing too dramatic, yet you can still see it.  For my every day make-up I don't like things that make me look like I have gotten dressed for a night on the town. 5:01 Cosmetics nailed that for me.  

I personally would like to try the eyeliner in black.  I use black eyeliner on a daily basis, and I think seeing myself with brown on was a change for me.  But I think with my hair being dark and my eyes being the color they, with my skin tone, that I work better with all black eyeliner and mascara.  

The products were amazing. And another added thing I really liked about the eyeliner was the way it glided on so smoothly.  I hate when you have eyeliner that you really do feel like you are drawing on your eyelids. It is painful.  But this product went on smooth and without any discomfort at all.

The only con I have seen is that my mascara tends to overflow into the lid and then when you close it, the excess squirts out and gets other items near it messy.  It happened 2-3 times, but I think that can also happen with any mascara.  

Overall, I'd recommend their products!  And the contact I've had with them has been phenomenal! 

**I was given these products in exchange for my honest opinion and review, no other compensation was awarded. All opinions are mine.**

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