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The Austin Family Diary
Six favorite things in your house.

I love my house.  I need to get a tour up and shown, but I think I'll wait for awhile until B and I get some home projects done.  For now, I'll just be a loser and do a word only post! ;)

1.  Recliner.  Seriously it's so comfy.  I love it.  I don't want to sit anywhere else.  B and I are going to fight for this baby.

2. My bed.  Really, I love my bed.  My mattresses are my favorite, and they aren't even anything special.  My bed just rocks.  Period.

3. Back patio. This isn't a "thing" and it's not "in" my house, but I'm counting it, LOL. This wasn't here when I moved in almost 5 years ago, but my dad and brother's helped out and added it on for me.  It's my favorite place to go sit.  It faces a field in the back and if you're lucky, you get a show of the deer in the evenings! :)

4. Wash table.  I'm not sure if that's what the piece is really called, but let me explain what it is.  It was used a long long time ago, and belonged to my great great great grandmother. :)  It even still has a lot of her things in it.  A treasure I'm not willing to part with, at all.

5. Kitchen.  Seriously, I love my kitchen.  I have chocolate cabinets and tan/brown counter tops.  It's my fave.

6. Candles.  I love a good candle.  I like to always have one (or two) burning!


  1. we are candle-a-holics at my house too! We've always got the Scentsy going too :)

  2. you have greeeeat taste.
    :) ohh and can I have your kitchen? thanks:)


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